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For over a decade, Stand-up Paddle Boards have been making Average Joes and Plain Janes want to escape from the routine of modern life and  taking them to places they’ve never been before – on water, enjoying the deepest meditation, the sincerest companionship, or simply the purest fun. The SUP lifestyle is fun, exciting, and really, really expensive.

Many of us have come close to biting the bullet and dropping the $1000+ for a new SUP in the heat of a Black Friday moment, but how often would you really use it? To avoid that buyer’s remorse, we decided to start this rental service, selecting from the best-selling big-names in the market. Now you can save your money and still be equipped professionally on your adventures!

You get everything from us in a Roller Backpack!

How Simple Is That!




4hrs  –  $30

1 day  –  $50

3 days  –  $100

every extended hour  –  $5


4hrs  –  $45

1 day  –  $70

full weekend  –  $120

every extended hour- $10

Get a 10% discount on a group /family order (3 boards and plus)

 by Reizelle V on SUP Rental Windsor
Amazing Boards

SUP rental paddleboards were fantastic! My group had a lot of fun using them. I think it is great that you are able to travel with the boards to any water location you prefer, which makes it unique to the other Paddle Boarding services in Windsor. We had no issues with the board, it felt very sturdy and safe to stand on. It was easy to pump as well as it took us only 10 minutes to do. SUP Rental Windsor also had good service; Jeff was friendly and very informative in answering any questions. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I look forward to renting with SUP again!

Thanks Reizelle! But 10 min pumping feels a lot of work to me though LOL! I will be working on getting more electrical pumps ready so that you could spend 10 more minutes on water! Looking forward to seeing you again

 by Ethen Henricks on SUP Rental Windsor
Loved it!

My wife and I have never being a paddler before but this summer we decided to try since not really much to do with this lockdown. Found this guy on Facebook with a fair price for first-time players and we went for it. Instead of spending thousands dollars we were out there on the water! And we both fall in love with it. We can see it as a great great way to spend quality time as a family, since there is no one, I mean no one around you just mother nature. Everything is so peaceful. The rental itself was simple and easy to locate but I do prefer if they have a machine to do the deposit, hate to carry cash on me. Anyhow, we are absolutely coming back to rent it again or even buying our own soon!

Thanks Ethen. It was nice talking to you. I am happy to have you and your family back in the near future. See you soon^^